California Hopes To Save some Solar Energy With This New Strategy

California Hopes To Save some Solar Energy With This New Strategy

The current grid system is not able to handle the amount of solar energy that being produced and as a result some of the energy is being wasted. This is the problem being faced in California and David Roberts of Vox states that it will be a good time to expand the grid. He also says that as a result, there are some other methods that can be brought into this issue. It is not enough just to have connected grids and other things have to come into play. One such thing is the time of use pricing, and this will encourage the energy usage to be shifted some of the power consumption to particular times of day when it is known that clean energy is cheaper and abundant.

Time-of-use pricing will help California stretch the capacity of its grid.

The pilot for this strategy – time-of-use pricing –  will be held in California, and the end results are hoped to show that the demand for energy during the peak periods will go down. Rooftop storage will work alongside the pricing strategy, and any Californians who are prepared to sign up for the program will find that their electricity bills will be lowered. It is a scheme that is allowing people to learn more about saving energy and saving money.

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As the change over from dirty fuels to clean fuels continues, there need to be planned in place to make sure it is a smooth transfer. Having all grids connected will be a start, and there are a variety of clean energies that need to work alongside the projects in California to ensure an economy built on clean energy.

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