We Could colonise The Moon With Using a Steam Powered Spacecraft

It is hoped that humans could colonise the moon and spacecraft powered by steam will be the way to do it. Cheap fuel could come from the ice water in asteroids and unlike when using steam power on earth, the steam would push the item forward. Reaching Mars is out of the question at present, but due to low gravity, a very little effort will be needed to push the craft forward when it happens.

University of South Florida’s Dr Phil Metzger is working on using the materials on the moon and says that Earth is not the only planet with resources. He believes that in time we will be able to live on other planets. The moon is being seen as a stopping off place as crafts need to refuel on their way to Mars. Since water was found on the moon, there is the hope that a Mars mission will come about.

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We Could colonise The Moon With Using a Steam Powered Spacecraft
Stopping off at points along the way could reduce costs to Mars, MIT calculated CREDIT: ILLUSTRATION: CHRISTINE DANILOFF/MIT/ILLUSTRATION: CHRISTINE DANILOFF/MIT


Robots are going to be used to look for the water and they will be controlled from Earth, and in time, people will be able to live there. Knowing that spacecraft can stop will reduce the cost of any trips that are made to Mars. At present everything, a craft needs must be loaded at the beginning, but in the future 68% less mass would be necessary if refuelling was available.

The savings are attractive but everything must be safe. It is the weight difference that will save a lot of fuel and as it is stated that hydrogen and oxygen can be collected on the moon, it can be stored and used for refuelling.