Science Kombat: Fighting Game of The Greatest Scientific Minds

Science Kombat: Fighting Game of The Greatest Scientific Minds

Think how great it would be if the greatest minds came back to live and could analyse the living. They would be a great asset when it came to solving some of the problems that we face today. Gamers may harbour the desire that they would begin fighting each other – hand to hand combat no less.

For some, this is a reality – at least of sorts. Superinteressante, a science and culture magazine from Brazil, has put out a fighting game that will appeal to old school users. Called Science Kombat, it sees some of the greatest scientific minds of the past taking part in a fighting tournament. One part of the action is Nikola Tesla firing a bolt of lightening at Stephen Hawking with him sending back a wormhole.

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In all, there are eight scientists who are now being characterized as fighters. As well as Stephen Hawkings and Nikola Tesla there is Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Sir Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein and Alan Turing. All can land basic kicks and punches as well as have their own specific moves. Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat players should soon learn what they are.

Darwin has the Ascent of Man combination punch, and Einstein can control the speed of light and put in an attack while Marie Curie shoots radioactive projectiles from her radium covered hands. Once all eight have been defeated, there is a surprise, but it would be wrong to spoil that. It is hoped there will be additional characters brought in.

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