​Will Half-Life Universe’s Fate be like Star Wars?

​Will Half-Life Universe's Fate be like Star Wars

When the first Half-life released in 1998, the game impress millions of players. Its fans rapidly growth to millions, the game, took more than 50  ” Game of the year ” awards. It wasn’t only the gameplay of the game also the story behind the game impressed many people.

IGN ranked the game as the number one first-person shooter game of all time. First game followed by expansion packs, Opposing Force, and Blue Shift. Than Half-life 2 came up in 2004, with the new graphic engine and the awesome gravity gun. In five year Half-life 2 sold 40 million copies. Valve’s plan was release 4 episode after Half-life 2 but after the second episode, nothing will come up. After the second episode that released at 2007, fans start waiting for the third episode, but nothing happened.

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What happened later, well Valve got rich earned good money and forgot about Half-life universe. Some gossips revealed that writers wrote the rest of story, but Valve doesn’t find Half-life universe profitable anymore. Unfortunately, Valve became a company that totally focused on money, and money never enough for them, in 2014 Steam closed the year with 1.4 billion revenue. And Valve’s total estimated worth in 2015 is 2.2 billion dollars. Of course, if Valve releases HL3, it will earn money, but if you compare with Steam, it is nothing for them.
So as a huge fan of Half-life universe, I am not hopeful about playing Half-life 3 in near future. My only hope, like Star Wars, a Disney-like company will buy all rights of Half-Life and make a great game for us. And hope it will happen, while I still can use a mouse correctly, I don’t want to die before I reach the Borealis, learn what the hell happened, where these giant white sausages came from and what they want.