77 Thousand Steam Accounts Are Being Hacked Every Month

‘’Valve’’ The Creator of Steam stated their security problems are increasing significantly. Valve has announced that Steam gaming platform exposed to fraud or seize about 77 thousand accounts on average every month. And the company has recently taken serious measures for the exposed security problems, and they started to confirmed users’ e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Steam operates two-factor security measures now. And Valve gave an important message to users with this announcement.

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As known, you can buy the digital copy of games not physical ones on Steam. Thus, you have a digital asset on Steam. These purchased games are a considerable amount of investment for players and the security of these assets become a very important status.Likewise, players are able to swap these items each other and fraud is revealed precisely at this point.On the other hand, this explanation ‘’77 thousand accounts are being seized per month’’ is an important and interesting example of the historic case.

So Valve invited Steam users to apply all security measures and to be more careful. Our suggestion; use complicated passwords, write something that only you can know the answer. Use capital letters, if you can use some letter from other alphabets, $!@ will also be useful for you.